ELOQUANT Nanoimaging

Super resolution made easy

Fluorescence microscopy

The best super resolution solution for fluorescence

By simply pushing confocal microscopy to its theoretical limits, ELOQUANT offers a robust solution to gain resolution in fluorescence microscopy. Gain today 1.4 in lateral resolution and 2 in axial resolution without any specific constrain. The resolution will be increased by a factor of 3 in the coming year!

ELOQUANT Nanoimaging

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For all samples

ELOQUANT microscopes can be implemented with different laser wavelengths, allowing the study of a large range of objects, from biological samples to industrial components.

Easy to use

If you know how to record a confocal microscopy image, you may use ELOQUANT! Our microscopes can be implemented in laboratories devoid of engineering support.

Affordable price

Due to the simplicity of its microscopes, ELOQUANT offers the possibility of acquiring high resolution images at much lower prices than any other technology.


Awards for ELOQUANT

Seal of excellence for european innovation, EIT Health innovation program, i-Lab innovation contest, French tech emergence award, BPI Deeptech labelisation… ELOQUANT has been awarded several times by competitions of excellence in innovation both in France and in Europe.


The simplest way to explore biology

Our microscopes are ready-to-load and can be used by anyone. Thanks to our original technology, images can be obtained without prior heavy machine optimisation.

Any fluorophore

Our technology can be used with any fluorophore used in confocal microscopy. The gain in resolution is obtained with limited bleaching of most of the fluorescent probes.

No preparation

Any sample ready for confocal fluorescence microscopy is ready for ELOQUANT technology! Our approach does not require any specific preparation.


Our microscopes are designed to fit your needs. Excitation wavelengths can be adapted and simultaneous recording at different wavelengths is available.

ELOQUANT Nanoimaging

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Choose your microscope

The ELOQUANT technology is made to answer your scientific and technical requirements. Our experts could guide you to select the best options to satisfy your needs with precision.



The ELOQUANT 1000 is our entry level system. Equipped with 1 to 3 lasers allowing different possible excitation wavelengths, and 3 filters to tune the detection colour, it may record on a highly sensitive CCD detector the fluorescence of your sample at the chosen wavelength.

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The ELOQUANT 2000 relies on a different optics to record 2 to 4 fluorescence colours simultaneously on its ultrasensitive detector. Equipped with 3 lasers and a wide series of filters it is an ideal system for colocalization measurements and complex analyses.

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As we are highly dedicated to progress, we permanently adapt our microscopes to the neverending advancement of science. If the existing versions of our products do not fit your needs, a custom-made microscope could be developed for your precise requirements.

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  • Gain of 1.4 in lateral resolution

  • Gain of and 2 in axial resolution

  • Soon more in all directions

  • Innovation and development

  • Robustness and scalability

  • Technical support


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